New Works, Same Book, Same Rooftop.

     Well, it happened.  We finally, finally, finally took a couple selections from the book out to share with other people. (You too, can read them right here!)  We put on our big girl pants, downed a couple glasses of wine (whiskey) and went to a “Works in Progress Open Reading.”

She looks ready to take on Shredder, AND the Ninja Turtles.

     E once made the joke in reference to sharing our book with others that, “she (she, being the book) wasn’t ready for school yet.”  We’ve kept the story so guarded for so long, that the idea of other people reading it is still kinda scary.  (Especially people who don’t have to love us no matter what.)   IMG_9800

So, we did it.  E went first right out the gate (even though she was reading the later selection, and even though it didn’t make sense, I really think it worked, because what else was I supposed to do, pretend to be her and go first?!)  *At least that is what I hoped my wide saucer eyes said to her when they pulled her name out of the jar, and I stared blankly.

Cat eyes, and cat earrings….

She stepped up to the stage, and introduced her selection, and read our words in front of like 30 other aspiring author type people.  As she finished her 5 minute selection, I noticed a few people seated on the edges, give her “that was really great” hand gestures, or quick words of encouragement.  I know that I know our book is really, really great.  I’m just nervous to see how it is received, and if they will also agree with me.  IMG_9894

Now, of course, it could have been easy, and my jittery-ex-theatre-major-don’t-read-like-it’s-a-monolgue-ass could have been called up in the next 4-5 people, lifting a huge weight off my chest, so I could get it over with, and just pay attention to the rest of the readers in blissful ease.  But, do you think that happened?  NO!  Of course it didn’t.  I went last in our group.  So, I got to really bask in my own nervous energy as long as possible.

ALL the colors!!!

What I mean to say is, it went great, and I really did feel a lot of positive energy radiating back at me as I read the first section of the first chapter of our book.  (Holy CRAP).  And it’s really motivated us to finish editing the damn thing so we can share it with more people, and have be like, and actual book that people read and all that stuff!


Which leads me to OUTFITS!  In preparation for our big reading debut, E and I dressed incredibly fiercely, and returned to her roof for photos, and reading practice.  (we are clearly sooooo good at both.)

Rooftop Badassery.

E is wearing the outfit of an 80’s super-villain, that I am living for.  (I’ll update this when she gets back to me.)  But, I’m 90% sure the shorts are thrifted, the shirt was a gift of the “‘too much wine while shopping’ Gods.”  The jewelry is from amazing countries she has visited in her travels, (except the earrings, which are mine.  I got them off of, and the shoes, I know (because I listen to her stories) were her old bosses, and she got them in a clothing exchange at work.  And, I think the sunglasses have been featured here before, but I’m pretty sure they are from amazon. (So it turns out: “Outfit was shorts by wet seal. pink shoes j crew. black shirt go jaguar broach I think was a gift from a friend? Your earrings. bangles from Bangalore India.” All things considered, my guesses were pretty good.)

I am rocking mostly Torrid, as per usual.  (They just know how to make a curvy girl feel fab.)  The shorts and body suit are Torrid brand.  The shoes are from DSW, like 5-6 years ago.  (I rarely buy heels.) The sunglasses were from Nordstroms, watch is Shinola, necklace is from the Something Sliver collection (it says “mermaid”) and the gold cat earrings were from Fuego.  The fabulous fringed kimono was an impulse buy at the register at Ross.  (do you love it?)

Cheers to an eventful summer, and digging our heels in to get this thing edited and ready to go!!!






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