Can we talk about KESHA for a minute?

Things we realized recently: with 2 authors, you come up with content twice as fast, but it takes twice as long to edit. So…. we’re still doing that.

Anyway, can we talk about Kesha for a minute? THAFUCK! Has everyone seen the Praying video? Here’s a sentence I didn’t imagine myself saying ten years ago: KESHA IS MY ARTISTIC ROLE MODEL RIGHT NOW.

IMG_8833 (2)
She’s a mother fucking woman! She’s a mother fucker!


In other news, today our friend Patrick agreed to listen to 9 minutes of our book that I was practicing to read tomorrow at a writers group. I’M KINDA NERVOUS. Anyway, he liked it, which was great. And he expressed relief that he did truly like it because we’ve been working on it for so long that he was having anxiety about potentially not liking it and then having to pretend for the rest of our lives that he did. HA! That would be awkward, because we kind of based a character off of him. Hopefully we are able to read aloud tomorrow. Update to follow!

IMG_8849 (2)In other, other news, we found this place called Chan’s. K & I talked book stuff at Chan’s while we drank happy hour wine and ate dumplings. It was great. Then, we took photos in the parking lot. Because, that’s how we do.


Per usual, we wore clothes! I’m rocking these tie-dyed pants from, circa 2013. The brand is Aprhrodite and they were apparently made in Los Angeles. My hi-lo shirt is from Forever21 and I’ve legit worn it on 5 continents, and it is still going strong! I got the sweater at TJ Max, the brand is Premise Studio. Shoes are by Mari A., purchased at Marshall’s. My glasses are from Warby Parker. The longer necklace, which we also saw last post (sorrynotsorry) is from My earrings are from Accessories! in London. (It’s basically European Claire’s).

K’s pink kicks are from Payless, her top and jeans are from Torrid. The tassle necklace is from Forever21, and sunnies are from

IMG_8800 (2)

I admit this is not the most amazing blog you have ever read, but thanks for reading (mom).


IMG_8926 (2)
Peace out!




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