If you’re going to procrastinate, throw glitter at it.

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks.  I sit down to start, and I get distracted.  Or, I can’t even start because I have no idea how I want to write about what I really want to write about.  Like, there is this story idea in my brain, and I can’t put words to it, and it feels all wonky.

So, after a round of cocktails with E at our NEW FAVORITE PLACE (OMG, more on that later in E’s next post.), I decided to just go with some word vomit, and make it happen.  (Because, how else are we ever going to finish the book, we are so close I swear.)

A few weeks Okay, a MONTH ago, it was probably one of the nicest days we’d seen in Seattle so far.  So, while my hubs was out playing Co-Rec soccer in Seattle, E and I got together to get ready to go support our local professional sports team.  (Go Sounders!)

ColorPop Model Pose.  I think we’re getting better at it.  

After a few whiskey/LaCroix (Don’t knock it till you try it.), and some interesting lipstick choices, we headed up to her amazing roof (Cause she’s fancy AF)  to bask in the beautiful Seattle weather.

I’m either basking, or getting ready to drop the hottest album of the summer. 

The mix of the sunlight, booze and laughter sent me down into the spiral of nostalgia, and I got all misty thinking about how far we’d come since moving to Seattle several years ago.

Nostalgic Reflecting. 

When we lived together, we shared the top floor of a house on the hill, (With another majestic view.  Frankly, it’s hard to find somewhere in Seattle without a view) but, we were doing out best to make all the ends meet up.  Multiple jobs, independent contractor gigs, odd hours, food stamps, and weird landlords.  I set up beach volleyball nets, and waited tables, and E worked as an early morning fitness instructor, and was one of those people who pointed signs at rich folks during fancy auctions.  Our lives were silly, and I think our stint as roommates helped send us down the path that led us to where we were.  The idea for the book was born in those walls, and even though things got a little bumpy, (they always do when you live together.), I look at where we are now, and it all just feels right.

Deep thoughts about the past.  Also, #GoSounders

We’re on an artistic cusp, which is manifesting itself as an ode to our friendship.  This book is the culmination of a relationship forged in college, that has survived and shaped us both into who we are today.  And I don’t regret one wine soaked, glitter covered moment of any of it.

Check the badassery. She’s so Rad.  (It says so on her pin) 

Which is why this creative block is so damn frustrating  I want to write, and finish the edits, and propel the book forward into having other people read it so we can start living our true famous author life!

My hair and I are feuding, it’s doing it’s own thing while we try to grow out and get healthy. 

For now, all I can do is move forward, and promise to commit my #onehouraday to editing down the chapters, until we reach the end of this tunnel, one fabulously dressed day at a time.

Our usual “Parking Lot Selfie”  gets a “Rooftop Garden” upgrade. 

EDIT:  I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT FRANKIE!  We got interrupted on the roof by the rollyest pollyest little nugget of a pupper, and I cannot get over it.  She and her person were new to the neighborhood, so lucky for them, they got introduced to the roof by two fashionable lushes, getting ready to go cheer on sports!


Beyond the Pup, what are we wearing?

As usual, E has put together a look thrifted from around the world:  Jacket:  Brand- Divided, she got it at Crossroads.  Skirt: Brand-One5One, Shirt: the Seattle T-Shirt Shop at Pike Place, Shoes-Cathy Jean. Long Necklace: Amazon.  Short Necklace:  H&M.  Earrings:  Icing, or Claire’s, or something like that. Glasses:  Amazon (Merry’s brand).  Bracelets:  Nakamal.  The tried and true Casio watch makes an appearance, and the tan is brought to you by Jergens (medium).


K is sticking pretty true to her roots as well with a Belt and skirt from Lane Bryant. The leggings and earrings are from Torrid, and the shirt is from the Seattle Team Shop.  The boots are Aerosoles, because they are comfy for walking. Sunglasses were an impulse buy from Nordstroms, and the headband was a birthday gift from my Mother-in-Law, so I’m guessing it came from Fireworks at University Village.

Frankie:  All natural fabulousness.

Until next time!  Cheers!


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