Round the Bend

WHOOP, FINALLY! YOU GUYS – the sun has shown it’s face in the Pacific Northwest (knock on wood) and I feel like it has been a lot easier to write lately. Related? About 10 days ago K and I agreed to commit 1 hour a day each to editing. Buddy system wins again!

IMG_8594 (2)
I wear my sunglasses 24-7-Eleven.

These photos are from about a week ago when we went to “Ode”, a performance by our former college professor, Nike Imoru. Nike is actually the inspiration for a character in our book. You can guess who after you read it. I only took one class from Nike, it was called Sex and Culture in the 21st Century, and it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken in my entire life. Way to be #WOKE in 2007, Moscow, Idaho. Anyway, Nike is the kind of person that leaves an impact. More than 10 years later, K and I both remembered her clearly enough to base a cohesive vision of a character off of her. (Can I admit that? Umm… all characters are completely fictional any any likeness to any person, name or whatever is pure coincidence? Sure…)

Re-reading our work over the last few weeks and taking time to listen to our characters talk, and picturing them moving and interacting, I have to say I adore them all.  Some of them were originally roughly based on people we mutually knew (like Nike), as it helped for us to picture the same thing when sharing creative license in an imaginary world. And yet, some of them – like our two main characters – just appeared in our mutual Imagination-Land. (Great place, come visit.)

IMG_8563 (2)
A Founding Mother of Imagination-Land.

I’m not really sure where this blog entry is going, but Nike is amazing, I love all the characters in our book, the weather is getting better and it feels like change is afoot!

Speaking of change – we wore outfits IN THE DARK! (Translation: we drank too many cocktails before the play so we took photos afterwards in the 7-Eleven parking lot. #parkinglotfashion #itsathingnow)

IMG_8690 (2)
If you’re gonna get towed…

So here’s what we wore to the play:

My chic sheikh look is actually pretty damn retail and it came together without a lot of planning (sorry, blog) but I love it! The dress is a hand-me-down-the-hall from my buddy Alisha who had a recent clothing purge and lives in my building. I expect to get a lot of wear out of this puppy this summer! No idea where she got it, but the brand is “ruby rox”. My infinity scarf is from H&M, my shoes are from Zara, the drapey sweater thing is from Fred Meyer, and the sunglasses are from Marshall’s. (Update on the glasses, they broke in half after 4 wears. That was $2.50 per wear!) My necklace is from a market in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the watch is Casio, obvs.

IMG_8587 (2)
So many puns here.

K’s dress is from Mindy Kahling’s closet, her shoes are from Aerosoles, the frames are from (K where are your frames from?), the necklace is JCREW, bracelet is Kate Spade, and the attitude is DIY.

Are you ready to read our book yet? Feels like we’re coming around a bend…




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