I’ll figure out this witty title tomorrow….

If it’s not a parking lot, it’s a bathroom, amiright?  #guerrillamodeling

I feel like I’m writing about nothing.  Like, I’m trying so so hard to write about something profound, that I’ve blocked myself into this little corner on the screen, and now, if I’m not going to blow someone’s mind, then why bother?




And, then I got over myself, because this is the internet.  And, we all get to be as self-indulgent here as we want to.  I’m literally putting up awesome photos of us, and writing about it!  This is the best!

Being able to add this extra level of mindfulness as I pick out my outfit on days that I know E and I are meeting up has become an extra treat in my day.  There’s something about getting ready for an event, or an occasion, even something as small as margarita’s at Red Robin, followed by photos in the parking lot.  (Someday, when we finish the book, we should look into writing that off as a “Business Meeting.”)  Finding a reason to be festive is a level of self-care that really brings me joy.  (Which really means, “How can I work wearing more glitter into my outfit.)

Pants, and a peplum tank top?!  Who even am I?

It has also made me more creative in my fashion choices lately.  Last week I wore a crop top.  This week, peplum.  Peplum.  (At this point, my mind starts to yell at me.  “Girls with your body don’t wear peplum.  Your ass is totally big enough, you don’t need to add wings to it!”) I’m wearing things I never really thought I’d wear.  My closet is bursting with floral prints, sleeveless tops and horizontal stripes.  (On different garments).  Pants!  I’m wearing pants this week.  (Let’s note here Internet, that other than these pants I’m wearing in these photos, I literally own 1 pair of jeans. (and one pair of denim shorts I haven’t worn yet.)) –which is exactly the point I feel like I’m building up to.

So many colors and patterns.  You’d never guess I was standing in front of the Red Robin Dumpster.

I seem to be going through some sort of “Fat-Girl-Revolution.”  (Don’t comment and be offended, that term is so full of love.)  I mean, if I do say so, I think I’ve been pretty consistently fashionable in my adult life.  But, I’m taking risks I didn’t used to.  I’m not just wearing the “safe” outfits anymore.  I bought a fatkini.  I know it’s a combination of mental and physical changes but, I really like the direction my costume choices seem to be heading.








And, it’s great.  We look great this week.  Did I mention there are also photos of E who looks amazing in this monochromatic stunner? (I didn’t, because I was up there being self involved on the Internet.)  Well, here she is.  I’m in love with all the layers of this outfit.

Less than 50 Shades of Gray.  But, our book will be better.

I seriously hope we figure all this time-travel shit out, because that means that high school me can jump forward and see how well it’s working out for 33-year-old adult me, and be pretty stoked.  (Or maybe she can’t.  Have we mentioned the logistical difficulties of writing about time travel?  It’s so big.)

The accessory game is really on point here.  This is a total Tyra ‘Smize.’

As of this moment, I’m officially 1/6 of the way through my edits.  Which is a much better sounding than, “I’ve done the first 4 scenes.”  I’m in this weird place where I have to be in just the right mood to sit down with it.  I want to nurture the edits, not feel like I’m hacking away at them out of obligation.  (Ugh, brain.  Get on it.  Stop using the blog as procrastination and go write!)

E pulls off horizontal modeling.  I kept getting hit in the chin by my boobs.  So, you know.  We’re learning.

In all honesty, it’s late.  I’ll probably save this, and add the photos tomorrow.  Then, go pour another glass of wine, and watch some of America’s Next Top Model before bed.  (Practice for next week, you know.) Update:  I did do all of those things.  

And to give credit where credit is due, because we look amazing:  E’s outfit:  Skirt by Zara.  Denim jacket thing, Topshop.  Mesh shirt thing, SJS.  Socks, K.Bell.  Shoes, while totally awesome, they were thrifted, and the label rubbed off.  Necklaces are from a touristy glass shop in Venice, and the yellow one is from a Japanese Workshop, and made by our former College Professor, Cheri V. Earrings, came from Icing.  

K’s outfit is a little less traveled.  Pants, Top, and Necklace are all from Torrid.  (Seriously, what happened model search?) Earrings and shoes are J. Crew.  Sunglasses were from Amazon.com, and the thing in my hair was a gift from my MIL.  Watch, Shinola.  Bracelet from Fireworks.  






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