Sometimes Grown Ups Procrastinate and Get High and That’s OK

I started this blog four times already. Then I googled “is Mercury in Retrograde?” It is. I have no idea what that means, but it comforts me to think that maybe I have an excuse as to why I’ve been so scattered. So let’s just go with that.

K and I are currently proofing the latest version of our super sweet time travel novel for small edits like type-o’s and general clean up. We aren’t re-thinking any big plot points at the moment, we know our characters like they are our family, our world is clear… we are just tidying up. And yet, making myself actually do this tidying has been inexplicably difficult. I so want to be done with this book! I want my friends and family to read it! I want to send it to publishers and see it on a bookshelf! I want to have someone I’ve never met read it! (OMG CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?)

IMG_9129 (2)
Gwen: Imagining

I’m in a phase right now – lets call it, a Never Ending Wet Seattle Winter (end soon, NEWS W!) where doing little things seem weirdly difficult. Yesterday when K and I were walking through a forested path across from her apartment, we were planning to talk about our book and compare progress. We barely did this. She is on chapter 3. I am on chapter 2. There are more than 30 chapters. So, instead, we just got really, really high.

IMG_9147 (2)_LI
Like a grown up.

Not to worry, the sun will come out soon (we hope), and K and I are meeting this weekend to carve out several hours for editing. We’re on target, but sometimes you get busy and life gets in the way, and big plans of creative abundance get tempered. And some other times, when you’re not actually that busy, and you don’t really have that much going on in life, and you have plenty of capacity for creative abundance… you just feel a little stalled.  When that happens, I suggest a trip into the trees with a wacky-ass friend.

If you’re a kid and you’re for some reason reading this: Congratulations, you have reached the end of the internet. Buy our book when it comes out. Go outside.

If you are a grown ass lady reading this: So I think you will like our book, but what do you think of our outfits? I’m all about K’s look. When I got to her place she said it was her “getting ready outfit”, and I said “Like hell! That’s just the whole damn outfit, sister!” As for me, I came from work where I talk about submarines all day. This is what I wore to work. Great story, huh. (I’m a writer.)

Whole damn outfit!

If you are a grown ass man reading this: you will love our book too! Also, do you want to go out sometime? I’m in a Tinder DROUGHT, people! (Note to sober-er self: delete this line.)

How can you resist this pleather on pleather?

If it has been raining for 7 straight months in your city: holy shit whatever K got at the pot shop will f*ck you up. Soooo high. (What, you think we decided to write a novel about time travel after a life of sobriety?) Chins up, party people!

It wouldn’t be our blog without a picture in a parking lot.




E: Top: Le Lis from Modcloth, Jeans: Refuge, Jacket: Johnny Los Angeles from, Backpack: thrifted from Crossroads Seattle, Glasses: Warby Parker, Earrings: A pearl seller on a beach in Indonesia

K: Kimono thing: forever 21, Leggings and crop top: Torrid, Hat: her Aunt Leslie, Rubber boots: Fred Meyer, Necklace: Maurice’s, Bracelets:

Gwen: all natural


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