Hey, remember that time we started a blog, and then didn’t?

K Here. (Hiii!)

This is the obligatory “Oh my gosh, we’ve been gone for so long, but, now we’re back with a new outlook and a fresh start!”  post.

Photoblog (4)
Fancy Flamingo at the winery. 

That sentiment has been on repeat ever since I got my first diary.  (I was 11.  It was pink.  With a lock.  And a unicorn on the front. After about six months, I lost the key and had to break my way back in with scissors.) After my brief diary-eviction, I scrawled pages of apology in felt tipped green marker. Not too long after, it fell behind my bed, forgotten once more.  (I found that diary again around the age of fifteen or so, and was humiliated by what I’d written. I had been so childish…..Now, at a much more mature 15, with a totally different outlook on life, I did NOT have a crush on David!  I tore out the pages, ripped them into tiny pieces, and washed them away down the creek in the pasture.*

*This is actually a huge regret for me, and I would love to go back and tell younger me, that she actually will wanna look back on those memories, and her perspective around that time.  (Also, because I’m sure it was cringe-inducingly hilarious.)

Just recently, during some stoned spring cleaning, I was finally able to muster up the courage to try and read through the journal I kept during my incredibly emotionally unstable early 20’s.  I didn’t get very far in before that familiar feeling of humiliation, and shame started to creep back up into my cheeks.  Luckily,  I was able to reflect back on my brash destructive decision during my early teens, and resisted the urge to light the whole thing on fire, destroying the proof those thoughts ever existed.  Someday, I’m sure, I’ll be able to re-read it from a much older, wiser distance.  And I’ll be glad I kept it.  For now, it remains hidden under the bed, rubber-banded shut, away from the light of day.

ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, pretty much every journal I ever kept, has had at least one of these “Sorry I’ve been away,  But, look!  I came back” posts.  Usually, I’d labor over my updates since the last time, pledging to write in my diary every day  week  at least three times a month!  

Photoblog (3)
Walking back into this blog, fiercely. 

I had this “Are You There God?  It’s Me, K?” mentality about it.   Someday, my kids (back when I wanted those) were gonna want to read my old diaries (after I was dead, of course.) Or maybe, I’d be famous, and people would want to know just how I got to where I was.  (Hello, this blog.)   And they would absolutely want to know what I was up to during those five or so months I was too involved in something else to take the time to write in my diary/journal/blog/calorie-counting-workout-app. (nothing much I promise.)

Photoblog (5)
“Sunrise Eye Makeup” looking for future blog posts…

So, here we are again.  I’m battling the guilt from not cultivating this into a blog with an actual readership.   Pledging to be better at it, less sporadic.  But, if history is any indicator, I’ll probably be figuring out how to write/not write another one of these again in the near future.  So, in that spirit, lets move on to the fun part!

Photoblog (2)
Lines and angles, like a real model!  

E is back!  We’re in the homestretch  on our book, and our outfits are still on point.  So, really, you haven’t missed much.

Photoblog (1)
Wine, rock walls, and high fashion

If you’re still with us, dear reader, I applaud you.  Thanks for hanging out.  We missed you too.

Photoblog (6)
This is how models stand, right?


K & E

Photoblog (7)

E’s Outfit:  Shoes, by Dexter (Vintage)  Jeans are Refuge Brand, Top-“Thrifted, but the tag fell off, sorry.”  Jacket: Zara (but, thrifted)  Necklace:  PNG Arts in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, Cuff:  Somewhere in India, Earrings, Wild Hearts Jewelry in Portland, Bag is Jack&Chris, and Sunglasses were purchased at ROSS.  

K’s Outfit: Shoes by Aerosoles, Leggings and Top by Forever 21, Belt from Lane Bryant, Necklace from Amazon.com, Earrings from Claire’s, Ring was a gift, I have no idea where it was purchased.  Headband from Claire’s, and Sunglasses from ASOS.  


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